How To Improve The Readership of your Website or Blog

It doesn’t matter how masterfully you craft the marketing copy on your website or blog unless it actually gets read. Low readership is a big problem for a lot of content creators who develop great copy, but have it fall flat in practical use.

In this article, I’m going to cover how to measure whether your content is being read, and suggest tips on how you can simply re-structure what you already have to encourage more reading and engagement.

The tips in this article apply to any content you create but for now I’m going to focus on the easiest platform to measure, your website or your blog.

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My Klout Is Bigger Than Your Klout – The truth about influence “measurement”

measurement fail

What is really being measured?

These social media “measurement” tools are gaining in popularity. They go by several different names including klout, twitter grader, Peer Index, Twitalyzer, and a new one called Kred. These tools claim to measure influence, or how influential a social media entity is to others. Each one has a unique ranking algorithm, but they all do one thing, they put a number on influence.

There is a fundamental flaw with these systems, they measure outputs not outcomes. These influence scores will not necessarily correlate to real world business performance, or give any indication of whether or not social media is helping a business to accomplish any of its goals. Your klout score could be absolutely terrific, but was all the time spent getting that score wasted?
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Gravatar & Social Commenting

gravatarWhen you comment on a website, do you wonder why some people have personalized image thumbnails (avatars) while yours is generic? It’s probably not because they’ve registered with the site. (For me, that would be a pain because of all the places I might comment and never return again.)

Their personalized avatars show because they have a “Gravatar” or globally recognized avatar. A LOT of websites use Gravatar as a place to pull commenter thumbnail images (avatars) from, including every website built on WordPress and many other popular CMS platforms.

A Gravatar is great for personal branding and great for adding a personal touch to your comments. People are a lot more likely to care about what you have to say (and maybe even click the link through to your website) when they can see your face.

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Is There A Person In There?

It’s called social media marketing. The term social implies that the communication meant to travel down a two way street, yet many small businesses which offer very personal service in real life are still struggling to grasp this concept when it comes to their advertising.

This might be because its scary, it might be because the poster is instantly opening them self up to criticism. It might be because they are afraid to say something wrong and, heaven forbid, see some negative criticism come from a post. It is easy to continue to hide behind the corporate image your company provides when attempting to communicate in order to avoid some of the anxiety and personal responsibility that comes with communicating with people…

Let’s take an example, many local businesses will show their personal side by using employees or business owners in television commercials, however on Facebook they will still appear to be one uniform post generating machine with no human face. Ask yourself this, whens the last time you knew who the person was behind a Facebook post?

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